Our finished products go through rigorous testing and are delivered on time.

bolt and machine screw

Bolt & Machine Screw

We produce many kind of bolt And machine screw types covering Metric size with strength grade Of 4,8 to 12,9. Each bolt and Machine screw is produced With best manufacturing system.

coated bolt

Coated Bolt

Each bolt is coated in order to increase their lock ability.

built in washer screw

Built-in Washer Screw

Each screw is already fitted with loose proof washers, therefore’ assembly time and energy used are remarkably decreased. Parts Management is simplified with this 2-in-1 system.

self tapping screw

Self Tapping Screw

We produce many kind of Self tapping screw from a to d Type convering jis metric and Sae inch size. Each screw has cross Recess and slotted head with high Quality manufacturing system.

tubular rivet

Tubular Rivet

Tubular rivet increase productivity by minimizing chalking damage and maximizing repairs ability. It’s also suitable for shaft of rotation parts.

Special Product

We also produce special product so accommodate our customers manufacturing application needs.


Hexagonal nut, welding nut, insert nut, clip nut, prong t-nut, cap nut, etc.



Collar/bushing, plain washer spring lock washer, snap ring toothed washer, etc.

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