Our Policy

To achieve company vision and mission, We, all the member of Board of Directors and employees of PT. SAGATEKNINDO SEJATI and PT. HIKARI METALINDO PRATAMA have commitment to :

  1. Increase customer satisfaction and confidence.
  2. Increase products quality and technology in order to suit customers’ requirements.
  3. Provide and produce product on time.
  4. Decrease cost by executing efficiency in all departments and processes.
  5. Prevent environmental pollution as the result of working activities.
  6. Protect the environment (include sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation and adoption, and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems).
  7. Reduce the use of natural resources.
  8. Protect health and safety of employee by suppressing the number of accidents, number of sick employees and accidental potentials.

This policy is achieved by executing continuous improvement and implementing quality, environment, and safety and health management system consistently to comply with regulation requirements and other requirements that valid without disregarding corporate social responsibility to the neighborhood.

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